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  • Optimized Social Media Presence: A basic audit and a tailored strategy to enhance your online visibility.

  • Business Ideation and Foundation Building: Introductory brainstorming sessions and guidance to establish your brand.

  • Blueprint for Your Brand and Business: A simplified business plan and basic online platform setup.

  • Launch and Sustain Success: Basic execution of a launch plan and limited ongoing marketing support.

  • One on One Guidance: Personalized support from our founder, Lachlan Delchau-Jones, to begin aligning your brand with your unique identity.

  • Profit Sharing: With this package, we'll take 20% of your sales as our fee. It's an affordable way to get started on your brand and business journey.

While our Starter Package offers fewer features, its an excellent entry point for athletes looking to begin building their brand and business while keeping costs manageable.

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